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Finding a New ‘Intention Word’ for 2013

Intention Word - No Limits!

No Limits! A few weeks ago Helga van Leipsig posted something on her blog that really got me thinking…… Her ‘Intention Word’ for this year is: ‘Playfulness’ and knowing Helga, there will be some interesting results to come from it! Can’t wait to see! So…. what should my word be? With my usual New Year’s…

12 Small Squares – Drawing at the Beach


I love to just sit somewhere and draw little snippets of whatever is around, or I might go for a walk, pick things up and bring them back to the studio. While my husband watches TV I get my small sketchbook out and draw some 1″ squares. Then I take one of my finds and…

A Change is as Good as a Holiday (they say)

Bench cut and glued in place

I’m doing my studio make-over, a plywood wall and a strange bench top for starters!

The Move – The Saga Continues

It shouldn’t really amaze me how much I can accumulate in a few years, it’s ‘Abundance in Action’ I reckon!
Books, more books and then an extra stack of books…..
Tools, more tools and another lot of tools….


Got up early (again) this morning, look at what I saw out of my back door! My Melbourne studio has a small shopping centre at the back and as the sun came up it cast this golden glow over all the buildings, and the balloons! I thought that was a nice start to the day….