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Skill & Creativity from Ken Bova’s Students

Ken Bova Handbook - Page 65 Patinas

You know how ‘they’ will tell you not to spend to much time on Facebook etc? Well, let me tell you it is not always a waste of time! I’ve got to know some amazing people and had some interesting conversations, even though I’ve never met them in person…. yet… One of these people I…

The Delicate Art of Diem Chau

Diem Chau-porcelain bowl

  Yesterday I came across the beautiful & delicate work of Diem Chau. Diem works in a variety of media – but stays true to ‘Tiny Things’ across all of these, her beautiful little carvings on top of a pencil, carved Crayolas and the beautiful lines on her porcelain pieces. Her show at Milan’s Galleria Patricia…

Week 2 Enamel Palette – Soft Colors

Enameling - Soft color palette

  This week I wanted a slightly different, softer color palette. Enamels can be any color, too many to choose from! Pinks are in the more expensive range of enamels, and they can be a problem if you’re working on silver. Using a layer of flux underneath these colors can help there. I think it’s…

12 Small Squares – Drawing at the Beach


I love to just sit somewhere and draw little snippets of whatever is around, or I might go for a walk, pick things up and bring them back to the studio. While my husband watches TV I get my small sketchbook out and draw some 1″ squares. Then I take one of my finds and…

Repurpose – Recycle

Silver Long Pod Earrings

This week I came across some long lost left-over earrings. It was a nice surprise to find them back!
I took them apart, used the PMC pods, wired them onto a bit of sterling silver chain & applied some patina.

Mum & Me – New Metalclay Mixed Media Bracelet

Possible materials Madonna Icon

I made my first drawing for this bracelet over 18 months ago, but as is often the case, life got in the way and nothing was done until now. I found all the materials I want to incorporate and I have the template done, great start, all I need now is some studio time! My…

Byron Rocks!

Pierced silver & titanium pendant

A simple drawing can lead to a nice new project, look at my ‘Byron Rocks’ pendant, the design couldn’t be simpler and I had a lot of fun doing it to boot!

A Kaleidoscope Made From A Drawing

Kelp root drawing doubled up again

This morning I came across some images I liked at Flickr, they are by Dutch artist Birgit Doesborg. Take a look at her PlantAliens:

I felt the urge to try this with a few of my own images, so I set up some Actions in Photoshop to see how that would go. I liked the results, then did it again, this time with one of my Kelp Roots line drawings. Look what came out of that:)

Shigeo Fukuda’s Shadow Sculpture – Lunch With a Helmet On

Shigeo Fukuda - Lunch with a Helmet On

I got a book from the library called: ‘Masters of Deception’ Shigeo Fukuda’s work is the most incredible to me, have a look at this video…

Creativity & Play: Enjoyment Is the Key!

I believe that everybody is creative! No exceptions!
When students attend my classes for the first time I often hear remarks like this:
“I can’t even draw a straight line” (therefore I am not creative)
“I have tried things before but never really found anything I can do creatively” (so you can see I’m just not creative!)
“I have no ideas!” (that proves I’m not creative!)