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Mum & Me – New Metalclay Mixed Media Bracelet

Possible materials Madonna Icon

I made my first drawing for this bracelet over 18 months ago, but as is often the case, life got in the way and nothing was done until now. I found all the materials I want to incorporate and I have the template done, great start, all I need now is some studio time! My…

Byron Rocks!

Pierced silver & titanium pendant

A simple drawing can lead to a nice new project, look at my ‘Byron Rocks’ pendant, the design couldn’t be simpler and I had a lot of fun doing it to boot!

A Kaleidoscope Made From A Drawing

Kelp root drawing doubled up again

This morning I came across some images I liked at Flickr, they are by Dutch artist Birgit Doesborg. Take a look at her PlantAliens:

I felt the urge to try this with a few of my own images, so I set up some Actions in Photoshop to see how that would go. I liked the results, then did it again, this time with one of my Kelp Roots line drawings. Look what came out of that:)

Another Step in the Right Direction:)

Studio Make-over

Here’s a quick update………. Bench top colour is on:) Now I’ve got my thinking cap on for the draw fronts – I think I’ll keep it very simple – maybe with some special handles. Any ideas? Suggestions?

A Change is as Good as a Holiday (they say)

Bench cut and glued in place

I’m doing my studio make-over, a plywood wall and a strange bench top for starters!

Shigeo Fukuda’s Shadow Sculpture – Lunch With a Helmet On

Shigeo Fukuda - Lunch with a Helmet On

I got a book from the library called: ‘Masters of Deception’ Shigeo Fukuda’s work is the most incredible to me, have a look at this video…

Is it a Brooch? – Is it a Pendant? Well….it is Both of Course!

Enamelled Brooch/Pendant

Turn any brooch into a pendant by making this easy finding from some sterling tube.

7 Simple Ways To Say “No” at zenhabits

Image Source I don't think there's a person alive who has not been caught saying 'yes' when they should have said 'no' When I read this post on 'zenhabits' it certainly rang true for me….. " To learn to say “No”, we have to first understand what’s resisting us about it. Below are common reasons…

UFOs – That Means ‘Un-Finished Objects’ to me!

Silver Chain - Black

Do you have UFOs lying around? Or are you the super organised type that starts something and finishes it before starting something else? I have decided that the time is finally right to tackle my box of UFOs!

Swarovski at the Salon del Mobile 2010 – Milano

One of the lights diaplays at Swarovski Milan 2010

Swarovsky’s display at Milan’s Salon del Mobile was awesome! Check out some of the pieces displayed!