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One Photo -Two Jewellery Projects by Heide Mearns

Finished class projects, silver bracelet and filigree pendant

Some images are so appealing you can’t stop working with them. This is what happened to Heide Mearns when she was looking at a flower design for her next project. Heide had a photo of a little blue flower on her iPad Mini she wanted to use for a bracelet focal piece. We had a…

Heat Colouring Copper Experiments

After last week’s workshop with patinas I decided to experiment a little more with the Jel Flux technique, it is so much fun to do and I love the results! First I used it on a piece that had been sitting on my bench for a while. This was the blown up version of one of…

Testing Patinas on Copper

The same patina (Baldwin's) applied to smooth and textured metal

Copper is a favorite in my workshops. It’s a versatile metal, beautiful just as it is, but extending the colour range with different patinas creates even more possibilities.

Setting enamels and finishing off


We’ve been having a lot of fun over the past few months,  mainly opaque enamels on copper. This is as close as you can get to ‘Instant Gratification’ simple shapes and a willingness to play by the students, made for the most enjoyable series of classes for all of us! I love all kinds of…

More Converts to Enameling on Copper!

Blue-White-enamel pendant

Week 2 This week’s class focussed on stencilled enamels. We used all kind of stencils, from hand-cut paper,  pierced metal, to found objects. More work got done this week and there was a great spirit of adventure and experimentation all night! I’m not sure I should get paid to teach this class, it is way…

Metal Clay & Color Will Be Out Soon!

Metal Clay & Color

I must say I was excited to be asked to contribute to this book, 2 chapters no less! PPPs (photopolymer plates) of course and another one, using a material you don’t see many people working with. the reason for using this stuff was by necessity, all the other color chapters were taken already! Enamelling, coloured pencil…

12 Small Squares – Drawing at the Beach


I love to just sit somewhere and draw little snippets of whatever is around, or I might go for a walk, pick things up and bring them back to the studio. While my husband watches TV I get my small sketchbook out and draw some 1″ squares. Then I take one of my finds and…

Mum & Me Bracelet Finished

Mum& Me Bracelet - Front

Well it’s about time, lots of things interfered but now it’s finished! Read how this bracelet was conceived here. There were a few challenges along the way…… The little sections of the embroidery were not easy to fit, especially because the bracelet is double-sided. In the end I cut a special die for the little…

iPhone Fun – SketchMee

SketchMee iPhone app - color combo set to crazy

Got a new app! I think I’m a sad case! I love playing around with my photos:) This one is called SketchMee and it makes a photo into a drawing. This is me today I’ve used it for some jewellery pieces and it does a nice job of them! Okay, that’s enough of me:) Here’s…

Repurpose – Recycle

Silver Long Pod Earrings

This week I came across some long lost left-over earrings. It was a nice surprise to find them back!
I took them apart, used the PMC pods, wired them onto a bit of sterling silver chain & applied some patina.