A Change is as Good as a Holiday (they say)

If that is true I should feel great soon, I’m changing everything I can in my home studio!

The original wall - can't hang anything on it without major drama!

First some plywood on the wall, this will make it easier to hang anything whenever I want without having to use anything more than a hammer! I am impulsive, if I want to pin something up, it has to go up NOW!

New wall cladding

Plywood is on, ready for painting.

Now for something a bit different for the benchtop…. My kitchen builder husband was smiling indulgently when I started to cut all the MDF into pieces. He’s intrigued and wonders where all this is going :)

Bench cut and glued in place

Bench cut and glued in place

I got the undercoat on at 5 am. Peter sprung a weekend away to Byron Bay on me, I quickly took the chance to get it on and dry for when we get back next week. Luckily I’m one of those early risers, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready for anything:)

1st Coat of paint on the wall

1st Coat of paint on the wall

Got the first top coat on. not as dark as I was hoping, I’ll live with it for a bit and see if it needs to be darker. I want a good contrast with the benchtop.

I haven’t decided what colour the bench should be, maybe I’ll put some sort of a gradient on, from orange to yellow I’m thinking at the moment. Anything could happen though, still playing with colour samples:)

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