Shigeo Fukuda’s Shadow Sculpture – Lunch With a Helmet On

I got a book from the library called: ‘Masters of Deception’ I find it a fascinating subject in general.

From early childhood I remember the work from people like M.C. Esher and Jos de Mey whose prints were in everybody’s house it seemed.

Esher’s work especially would lend itself to a PPP, the strong transformational images like the fishes & ducks print comes to mind.
Then there are some artists who do the most incredible things work with type, look at Scott Kim‘s work and be amazed!

Shigeo Fukuda - Lunch with a Helmet On

Shigeo Fukuda - Lunch with a Helmet On

But Shigeo Fukuda’s shadow sculptures are the most incredible to me, have a look at this video:

I can’t even imagine the challenges he would encounter when working on a piece like this, built out of clamps! He’d have had to be in the dark a lot of the time, to check placement of each clamp, seen from a single light source.

Illusions in Art is a much bigger subject than I realised, I’ll get into it a bit more at some future date!

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